The Calamus Foundation does not consider uninvited proposals.  A potential grantseeker that believes its current or proposed programs or activities are consistent with the purposes of The Calamus Foundation should submit information by completing the online, introductory information form below.

After review of the organization introduction by the Board, the executive director may contact your organization to ask for additional information and a formal grant application.  The Board will subsequently review a proposal and decide whether to make a grant in support of a proposal.

There are no deadlines for submitting concept papers and The Calamus Foundation reviews proposals on an ongoing basis.  The entire process from concept application to the award of a grant could take as long as six months, although The Calamus Foundation encourages the prompt and full submission of a proposal in order to facilitate a short review period.  In some cases The Calamus Foundation may also request that the grantseeker appear for an interview or that a site visit be arranged to the facilities of the grantseeker.